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In its 23 years of operation, the Enterprise hostel was a ‘safe haven’ for thousands of newcomers who have contributed to the cultural vibrancy and richness of Springvale and surrounds.  During those years, it was home to some people from every wave of new settlers. A welcoming community gave them a reason to settle permanently in the area.  Springvale/Dandenong became widely recognized as a harmonious community. 

The legacy continues today:

·The ethnic teacher aid program is statewide.
·Interfaith Networks can now be found all over Australia.
·The current Integrated Humanitarian Settlement Service which began with a joint project of the Springvale Community Aid and Advice Bureau and the Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture Trauma, to replace the orientation programs provided at Enterprise is a national program.
·Most generic organizations in the area have opened their services to people from all cultures and backgrounds
·The Springvale Neighbourhood House continues as a meeting place for many cultural groups.
·The Springvale Community Aid and Advice Bureau continues to provide innovative settlement services to newly arriving communities.

But above all, the area wears its diversity proudly: reflected in the positive relationships between groups, the celebrations, diverse cuisines, architectural features that speak of different cultures in happy neighbourliness - the foundation for which was laid by visionary community leaders at the time the Enterprise hostel was established.  Without a doubt Springvale offered the best possible settlement experience for new arrivals – a safe place to arrive, and a community well prepared to help people find work, school, housing, their way around the shops, services and transport system.  The stories told on this website bear witness to that.



Photo Gallery

 A Lasting Legacy

Top Left: Springvale Community Aid and Advice Bureau
Top Right: Springvale Neighbourhood House
Bottom Left:  Springvale Indo Chinese Mutual Assistance Association
Bottom Right:  Once Enterprise, now Lexington Gardens Retirement Village. 

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